Take a Virtual Tour of Molly’s Place

Molly’s Place probably isn’t like any other animal rescue you’ve seen. The best way to really experience it is to visit, but another great way is to take our virtual tour. Please share with friends!


3 thoughts on “Take a Virtual Tour of Molly’s Place

  1. We adopted a doxie mix named “Abner”, he is doing soo well with us and getting big! We did change his name to “Rex”.
    Thank you

  2. Dear Everyone at Molly’s,

    Well, I got to my new home. A nice place, small and easy to get around. I found my food and water and a box of toys that are all mine!!

    My new owners seem like nice enough people but they have a real obsession about going outside. Every hour, out we went into the cold. I could barely wait to get back inside so I could go to the bathroom. But after a couple of days I just said the heck with it and went outside. The way they acted you’d of thought I found a cure for ticks. I do the business outside all the time now since it seems to please them so much.

    There is a really strange looking dog living here that my owners call a parrot. I say it’s a toy. We’ll see. He tried pushing me around but I held my ground. We’ll get along.

    My new owners are teaching me commands. Pretty simple stuff really: sit, down, stay. I like the treats. They are big snugglers, too. My kind of people. We lay on the couch together at night and watch TV until it is time for bed. One last trip outside and we call it a night.

    I like it here but I miss all of you.


  3. We adopted Mary Kate (now known as “Lady” Jane, on Friday. She is adjusting nicely to her new surroundings and new friend, Patch, our English Setter. Lady does not like rain on her coat, so she is being stubborn about her bathroom duties this morning in this rainstorm. She loves the couch and cuddles. On Saturday I allowed her to run, off leash, and she ran with all her might for a good ten minutes. It seems she needed to run off being cooped up for awhile. As a former cattle dog, she most likely did a lot of running and so I will make sure she gets this need met on the back 40 where she is safe. So far, so good. Thanks Molly’s place. Wendy Plowman

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